A Jack the Ripper Quiz

Update.. well a week’s gone by since the quiz questions were set. How did you do?

Below are the answers in red. Keep coming back for Jack the Ripper updates and for future quizzes.

Since it is a Saturday I thought that today, rather than write a new article on Jack the Ripper, it would be a nice idea to set a little quiz about the Whitechapel Murders and the East End of London in 1888. Don’t worry, the answers to these 10 questions are located on this website, so finding them shouldn’t prove too much of a task.

I should stress that the quiz is intended purely for entertainment and no prizes are on offer for correctly answering the questions! However, it might prove an intriguing exercise and will certainly increase your knowledge of the subject, which in turn will enable you, if you so desire, to join one of our Jack the Ripper Tours armed with an abundance of fascinating facts about the ripper.

So get those little grey cells stirring and here we go!

1. In what year did the Jack the Ripper murders occur? A. 1888

2. How many victims were there?  It is believed to have been 5 (although nobody knows for certain).

3. Who wrote The Bitter Cry Of Outcast London: An Inquiry into the Condition of the Abject Poor?  The Reverend Andrew Mearns

4. Who claimed to have sold grapes to Elizabeth Stride and her killer shortly before she was murdered on 30th September 1888?  Matthew Packer

5. Can you name two witnesses who may have seen the face of Jack the Ripper? George Hutchinson and Mrs Elizabeth Long

6. Which of our Jack the Ripper tour guides appeared on French TV’s A la poursuite de Jack l’ Eventreur? Philip Hutchinson. Oui!

7. What is George Yard now called? Gunthorpe Street

8. In which alley was the body of Alice Mackenzie found? Castle Alley

9. On what date in 2008  were the Thomas Cutbush files opened to the public? 18th November

10.  To which prominent local resident was the From Hell letter sent? George Lusk

So that should give you a little something to ponder over during the course of the next few days.

We’ll publish the answers to the question on Sunday 22nd April 2012, so be sure to check back then to see if you got them right.