A London Ramble

There is, of course, more to London than Jack the Ripper, and today we thought we’d post another of our London Video Walking Tours that take you to various locations around the capital. This segment touches on many different locations and themes ranging from Sweeney Todd to Charles Dickens and Haunted London.

It’s part of a series that Richard is working on with Mark Ubsdell entitled Life Scene Investigation.

Hope you enjoy it.

There are several figures in London’s past who are equally as famous, or should that be infamous, as Jack the Ripper.

Indeed, in addition to our Jack the Ripper Tour we also do a walk around Sweeney Todd’s Fleet Street and the location (or at least the fictional location) of his barber shop is featured in this look at London.

It also features part of Dickens London in that it takes you to the place where Charles Dickens began A Christmas Carol and takes you on a journey through the streets of Hampstead where you get to see a location off Hampstead Heath where a ghostly girl has been seen by several people who have joined lone of our Haunted Hampstead Tours.

The Sweeney Todd section of LSI was filmed in the London Dungeon with two of their costumed guides playing the parts of Sweeney Todd and his assistant Mrs Lovett, she who made the tastiest meat pies in the whole of London thanks to the secret added ingredient of Sweeney Todd’s murdered customers!