Dickens London With Richard Jones

It’s been a while since we left the East End of London to take a look at other parts of the Capital and so today we’re going to take a few strides over the boundary and into the City of London to explore the old alleyways that nestle at the heart of the old city.

Dickens name is synonymous with London and he, more than any other writer, was the undisputed chronicler of its streets and buildings. Richard Jones, who founded our Jack the Ripper Tour in 1982 is also an authority on the London on Charles Dickens and in this video he takes you to the George and Vulture, a hostelry that Dickens featured in Pickwick Papers and a place that Dickens would most certainly recognise were he to return today.

So please enjoy the video and keep tuned here for other great videos that we regularly add to our Jack the Ripper and London television page.