Dorset Street 2015

One of the questions we get asked an awful lot on our Facebook Page is “what do the murder sites look like today?”

The sad thing is that the majority of the scenes of the Jack the Ripper killings were razed to the ground long ago. Over the last twelve months an awful lot of building work had been going on around the area. Durward Street, for example, which was formerly Buck’s Row – and which was the place where Mary Nichols was murdered on August 31st 1888 – is currently undergoing a massive transformation courtesy of Crossrail.

Dorset Street, off which was located Miller’s Court – where Mary Kelly was murdered on the 9th November 1888 – had likewise seen an awful lot of disturbance in recent months, as the bulldozers have moved in and demolished the White’s Row Car Park and its surrounding buildings.

On Wednesday 16th December 2015, our roving correspondent Philip Hutchinson took a photo of it as it now appears.

A view of the building work on Dorset Street.
Dorset Street As It Appears in December, 2015

This is what Philip has to say about the photograph:-

A photograph over the site of where Dorset Street used to stand, taken today[Wednesday 16th December 2015] looking north from Whites Row. In the foreground is where the multi-storey car park used to stand. The spot of the Mary Kelly murder is roughly right of centre, where you can just see a full section of red fencing. An apocalyptic vision!