Happy Days

Well, it looks like we’ve finally got some summer here in London. It’s funny how the streets take on a completely different aspect with the changing seasons. And, strangely, even slight changes of atmosphere and light can give the streets of the East End a different look.

In the winter months, with the dark nights, the alleyways and thoroughfares through which our Jack the Ripper Tour wends its way feel really creepy and sinister. 

But, in the summer months, with the fading light of the sun glinting of the façades of the old building that our walk passes, you see the area in a whole new, if you’ll pardon the pun, light.

One of the strengths of our Jack the Ripper Walk over the ones that start from Tower Hill Underground Station is that we spirit you straight into the streets that are, more or less, just as they were in Jack the Ripper’s day.

As a result the tour has something to offer you at all times of the year and in all seasons.

On winter nights its the chill menace of the dark streets that people come along to experience. But in the summer you can see and explore the wonderful buildings that line the first section of our tour route. These buildings are truly exquisite and are well worth taking the time to study with your eyes.

So, if you’ve joined us for the Jack the Ripper Tour of London during the dark, and let’s be honest freeeeeeezing cold winter that we’ve just gone through, why not come along again and see those same streets and buildings bathed in the glorious glow of twilight?