Introducing Siv of the Yard

Tomorrow sees the first blog by leading tour guide Lindsay Sviter who has written a great article on major Jack the Ripper suspect Sir William Gull.

Lindsay has been studying the case since she was ten years old and has contributed a huge amount to the field of ripper studies, so we are really pleased, and lucky, to have her on board as one of our star guides.

But Lindsay’s “other” life sees her making her way to the depths of Scotland Yard where she works at the Crime Museum. This means she is as up to date as it is possible to be on, not just the Jack the Ripper case, but also on the history of crime in London.

Lindsay Siviter and Nicola, who is a descendent of Sir William Gull.
Lindsay Sviter and Nicola, a descendent of Sir William Gull.

That is the key to our standing as the expert led Jack the Ripper tours. Our guides are internationally recognised as leading authorities on the case, and they get more mentions in that Bible of Ripper studies The A – Z.

The thing is that our guides are passionate about the subject and what you will hear on our walks is the culmination of years of original research that hasn’t involved, as is the case with most London walks guides, them just reading a couple of books on the subject.

These guides actually wrote the books that other guides read to prepare their walks. 

And, whereas that to us is incredibly flattering, to you, the client, it gives you a choice. You can either join a Jack the Ripper Tour guide who had read a boo, or you can join the Jack the Ripper guides that wrote the books.

Which brings me back to Lindsay. Her knew blog is going to be entitled “Siv of the Yard” and it will be a look at, not just the ripper case, but will also be a look at other cases, plus snippets of interesting information she comes across in her “other” life at the Metropolitan Police Crime Museum.

It’s going to be a real eye opener and we’re really excited about it.

So tune in tomorrow morning to read the first post by the one and only “Siv of the yard.”