Jack the Ripper Films

One of the questions we recently posed to our Facebook community was “which Jack the Ripper film really captures the true flavour of the Victorian East End?”

There have been numerous films on the Whitechapel murders.

Some of them have been reasonably accurate in their depiction of the streets and people of the East End, whilst others have been well, errrr… awful!

So we decided to pose the question to our Facebook Community, and here are a selection of their responses.

Chris Cline went for “Jack the Ripperthe Golden Globe-winning 1988 miniseries starred Michael Caine as Detective Abberline, features Caine doing his best Michael Caine, Jane Seymour purring flirtatiously, and a creepy Armand Assante”

Terrence Phillips, Maria Rivera Zyas, Skye Moon and Yvette Sadlacek all went for the Johnny Depp movie From Hell.

Caroline Nesbitt, Leo De Hurlepete and Derek Dezza Farquhar plummed (if you’ll pardon the pun!) for Murder By Decree.

So there you have a selection of Jack the Ripper films chose for you by our Facebook Community.

And. whilst we’re at it might we humbly suggest our very own Jack the Ripper TV page on this very website that features several of the drama/documentaries that we have made over the 31 years that we have been striving to bring you the very best in ripper studies.