Jack the Ripper Introduction.

We’ve hit another record breaking landmark and, to be honest, we’re pretty darned chuffed about it!

In July our Youtube Video, the introduction to the Jack the Ripper Murders, soared past 100,000 views. Indeed, at the time of writing, the number of views stands at 104,133, making ours the most viewed video of any walking tour company in London.

So we thought we’d celebrate by posting the introduction for you to watch, that is if you haven’t already seen it. 

The video is, in fact, the introduction from our acclaimed drama/documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper and it features some pretty big hitters in the world of Ripper studies.

It is narrated by Richard Jones and features talking head interviews with the doyen of ripper historians Paul Begg. But that’s not all, because Paul is joined by leading Ripper researcher Jenny Philips who also happens to be one of our Jack the Ripper Tour guides.

The introduction gives you an idea of the area and the era against which the crimes took place and gives you a flavour of the daily lives of the people who lived in the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields at the time. It also contrasts the ostentatious wealth enjoyed by many of the citizens who lived in the City of London and the West End of London with the dire poverty endured by those who dwelt in some of the slum areas of the East End.

Finally, it returns to a favoured theme of ours, that the ripper murders, or at least, something like them, were seen as inevitable by many who lived in London at the time.