The August 2016 Quiz

It’s August and the Rio Olympics are about to grace our screens and permeate our collective consciousness!

So, in honour of the sportsmanship  (and sportswomanship) that is about to parade before us it’s time to get into the competitive spirit and enjoy another of our fiendishly fiendish Jack the Ripper quizzes.


As yet, we’ve not had a single doping scandal amongst our competitors and not one quizee has had to be disqualified  – albeit we’re keeping a watch to ensure that it stays that way.

So, it’s time to get down to it and get ready to undergo the ordeal of the marathon that is our August 2016 Jack the Ripper quiz.


To get started, you simply enter a name in the box below and click start. It doesn’t even have to be your own name – in fact you’d be amazed at some of the names we have had(!) – we only ask your name so that you can be awarded your certificate by our esteemed Department of Ripperology on completion of the quiz.

The quiz follows our usual, tried and tested, format of being made up of a mixture of multi-choice and true or false answers.

Sometimes the quiz doesn’t work with i-phones (this has to do with the privacy settings on the i=phone) but that’s no problem, should it not launch, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the white link to the August 1016 quiz.

As per usual, we’d be delighted if you would share your results by posting your certificate on our Facebook page.

So, if you’re ready, the starting pistol is raised, the trigger is squeezed, and —– GO!