The End Is Nigh

It seems unbelievable that 2012 is drawing to a close. The Olympics are now little more than a distant memory, Robbie Williams is due to switch on the Christmas lights on Oxford Street on 5th November and the nights are, well and truly, drawing in. It is the season of mists and shadows, in other words the perfect time to take a Jack the Ripper Walking Tour through the East End of London.

November the 8th sees the anniversary of the murder of Mary Kelly, generally accepted as being the last victim to die at the hands of the ripper.

She is, perhaps, the best known of his victims since she is always portrayed in films on the case by the leading Hollywood actresses. Strangely, she is also the victim of Jack the Ripper that we know the least about. her background and origins are both shrouded in mystery, and much of what we know about her, comes from her own accounts of her past that she gave to various people who knew her.

She was also the worst mutilated of the victims, probably because she was the only one to be murdered in doors because she had her own room at 13 Miller’s Court, off Dorset Street in Spitalfields.

We visit the scene of her murder on our tour, and, as with all the murder sites, it  becomes particularly poignant on the anniversary of the murder.

Sadly, we don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to show people this particular location as it is shortly to be redeveloped after London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, waded in and gave planning permission after the local council, Tower Hamlets, turned it down. You can read the full story in this article.

so it is worth booking onto the tour as soon as you can if you want to see this particular location before it disappears s forever. What better day to visit than on 8th November when we will be running our Jack the Ripper anniversary walk.