The Martha Tabram Murder Quiz

Throughout this month we’ve been presenting regular updates of the murder of Martha Turner, which are drawn from the 1888 press reports that appeared in the wake of her death.

If you wish to get started with the quiz without reading the pre-amble then simply scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the quiz awaiting your arrival!

Today we’re going to give you the opportunity to see how many of the facts that have thus far been revealed about the crime you can remember.

A press image of a man reacting at the sight of a body on the landing of George Yard Buildings.
Finding the Body In George Yard

In the quiz below you will find 10 questions regarding Martha Tabram’s murder.

All the questions have multi-choice answers so, if you’re uncertain of any, just guess!

As per our usual quiz format you will be awarded a certificate once you have completed the quiz detailing your score and awarded by our esteemed Department of Ripperology.

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So, if you’re ready.