Unmasking Jack The Ripper – The Story So Far

Throughout the last few months, we’ve been marking the 125th anniversary of the Jack the Ripper Murders, with a series of videos that chart the crimes as they occurred throughout the so-called autumn of terror in 1888.

Presented by our guides Richard Jones and Lindsay Siviter, and featuring interviews with leading ripperologist Paul Begg, this is the truly definitive account of the main events of the Whitechapel Murders.

Next week we’ll be screening our next instalment, but if you’ve missed the previous screening then here is your chance to catch up.

Remember, we’re regularly adding, sections of the documentary so please be sure to tune in to keep up to date with our latest look at the World’s most infamous murder spree.

Part One – Introduction To The Case

Part Two – The Early Whitechapel Murders And The Murder of Polly NIchols

Part Three – An Introduction To The Police Officers

Part Four – The People of the East End

Part Five – The Murder of Annie Chapman

Part Six -The Hunt For Jack The Ripper 

Part Seven – The Night of the Double Murder

Part Seven end with the cliffhanger that, on the night of the double murder (30th September 1888) Jack the Ripper left behind his only clue.

In our next instalment we’ll reveal what that clue was and even take you to the very location where it was discovered.