The guides of London’s original East End Jack the Ripper tour are universally acknowledged as international authorities on the case and, between them, ten books on the mystery and they have appeared as presenters and interviewees on almost every documentary about the Whitechapel Murders over the last fifteen years.

It is this expertise that enables us to bring you the most up to date information on the case as well as bringing you a huge amount of detail on the history of the East End of London in general.


With our history resource, you can read an overview of the case that, effectively, provides a step by step account of the Whitechapel murders as they unfolded. You can bring yourself up to speed on many of the important aspects of the case, including biographies of Jack the Ripper’s Victims; a detailed analysis of the various letters that the authorities received, some of which purported to have been written by the perpetrator of the crimes himself; and you can also look through our list of the major suspects and read the evidence both for and against them, including the various witness statements from those who may well have seen the face of the killer.

In short, our history resource will give you the information required to get to grips with this baffling mystery before you join us for the tour and since, as they say, forewarned is forearmed, having this advance knowledge will result in a far more enjoyable experience since you’ll already have a thorough grounding of the case enabling you to weigh up the evidence that your guide will lay before you on our CSI walking tour of the ripper’s haunts.


What sets us apart from the many other Jack the Ripper tours on offer in London is that we are the only one of the walks to have made our own documentaries on the case. These include the acclaimed Unmasking Jack the Ripper and the informative Murder Site Locations series.

You can watch these documentaries on our dedicated Jack the Ripper TV Channel right here on this website and, best of all, you can do so for free! These are detailed and in depth documentaries that feature interviews with leading experts and historians on the case and their quality is unsurpassed. Indeed, since several of them our presented by and feature the very guides who you will be joining for the tour, you will be able to see your guide in action before you make the decision on whether or not you would enjoy being told the story by that person.

This degree of expertise is, most certainly, one of the major features of our tours that sets us apart from the competition and, better still, thanks to these documentaries you will be able to judge for yourself without having to simply take our word for it.


The final aspect of our tour that sets us apart from the other walks is our fantastic collection of unique location photographs that show the murder sites as they were at the time of the Whitechapel murders. Many of these are unique to our tour since it was our guides who unearthed them in the course of researching for their books and documentaries.

But you don’t just get to see these fantastically evocative images – that really do help bring the story to life – you get to hold them, peruse them and study them for as long as you want.

You can, therefore, stand on a 21st century street corner and study a photograph that shows the view from that corner as you would have seen it in 1888. You’ll be able to see how your immediate surroundings have changed over the course of the past 126 years and be able to note which buildings have survived and are still recognisable today.

In short these old images provide you with a window through which you can look back on the streets through which you will be walking as they were at the time of one of history’s most infamous murder sprees.

But, you don’t have to wait to come on the tour to see these photographs because, in keeping with our ethos of providing you with as much information as possible in advance of the walk, we have made these images available to you free of charge on the photo archive section of this website.


So, please do make use of our history pages and please do use them to study as many aspects of this fascinating case as you see fit.

And, once you have seen that we really do offer an unrivalled amount of expert knowledge, as well as an unsurpassed range of resources, please join us on the tour and discuss the case with your guide and fellow walkers on a tour that will pitch you back into Jack the Ripper’s London where, armed with your in depth knowledge of the case you will enjoy an historical Crime Scene Investigation of the crimes that shook Victorian London to its very core.