Where do we meet?

The meeting point for our Jack The Ripper Tour is outside exit four of Aldgate East underground station

If, for any reason, you find yourself arriving late please read the details below about how to catch the tour up. Our emergency phone number is 020 8989-4689. Please be sure to call us should you encounter any difficulties

Directions at Aldgate East

To reach Exit Four if you are coming by underground from central or west London turn right off the train.

If you arrive at the station from the East of London then please turn left off the train.

If you are above ground the Exit is situated at the junction of Whitechapel High Street and Commercial Road. It is on the opposite side of Whitechapel High Street from the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

We meet on the pavement at the the top of the stairs directly outside this exit. This is situated at the junction of Whitechapel High Street and Commercial Road. Your guide will be standing here holding a sign that reads Jack The Ripper Tour. If you have any problems at all please be sure to call our emergency phone number which is

020 8989-4689

Catch Up Directions

The tour will depart prompt on 7pm so it is important that you time your journey to arrive at the meeting point for 6.50pm. Should you arrive after this time to find the tour has departed please follow these directions. Please also call us on 020 8989-4689 and we will contact the guide to let them know you are on your way. Please do not send texts to this number as it is diverted to our emergency line for the night so we will not receive your text message.

Directions from outside exit four of Aldgate East underground station

Go over the pedestrian crossing towards the KFC. To its left is a clothes shop call. Once outside this shop you need to go into the covered passageway that runs between Number 88 (to the left of the shop as you face it) and the White Hart Pub. This is Gunthorpe Street.

The tour will be in this alley for around ten minutes. Please ensure that you join our tour the original Jack the Ripper Tour as another company has taken to sometimes standing in this alley and has on occasion deliberately misled our clients into joining them and then charging them at the end of the tour. So ask you guide if they have your name on their guest list, if they don’t then they are not the original Jack the Ripper Walk so please call us on 020 8989-4689.

After this we continue to the end of Gunthorpe Street and go right along Wentworth Street. We then turn left along Brick Lane and pause outside the Sheraz restaurant situated on the left at Brick Lane’s junction with Thrawl Street.

From there the Jack the Ripper Walk proceeds along Brick Lane and turns left into Fournier Street pausing a little way along. We then go right along Wilkes Street and keep ahead into Hanbury Street.

If you haven’t caught up with us by this time please phone us on 020 8989-4689.

Our emergency number is manned from 6pm to 8pm so please call us if you encounter any difficulties. If it goes to voice mail it means we are helping other clients so please either leave you number or wait a few moments and then call us back.