In addition to our Jack the Ripper tour, we also offer several other walks around London that cover themes such as haunted London, secret London and Dickens London.

Walking is one of the best ways to explore the streets of London as you can get into the hidden away places where so much of the City’s history was forged.

The walks that we offer provide an unrivalled opportunity to really get to know the more unusual, yet truly fascinating parts of London, and below you will find descriptions of some of our most popular London walks.

London Ghost Walks

Venture into the creepy alleyways of old London to seek the haunted buildings, sinister graveyards and time-draped thoroughfares where London’s ghost are known to appear.

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Secret London Tour

Explore the little changed parts of the City that are still as they were when the likes of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens knew them. See places that you would never dream still existed, from ancient churches to Elizabethan buildings and learn about the many colourful characters whose stories will fascinate and amuse in equal measure.

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A Charles Dickens Walk

Discover the streets through which Charles Dickens strolled and explore the evocative locations that helped forge his genius. See the places that featured in his novels and see them through his eyes and through the eyes of a myriad of immortal characters from Oliver Twist to David Copperfield.

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