How much can you remember from Philip Hutchinson’s Jack the Ripper tour?

If you’ve join Philip for his tour of the mean streets of Spitalfields and Whitechapel, then why not take the quiz and see how many of the ten questions you can answer correctly?

Philip’s walk is packed full with information about the Jack the Ripper murders and about the history of the East End of London in general. He covers everything from the social history to some of the more bizarre aspects of the Whitechapel Murders case.

For example, there is the fact that the year of the murders, 1888, was the year when the World was first presented with Kodak film and the revolving door!

So, we’ve now added the above quiz on the walk which, if you wish, you can, complete to see how much you remember about what you heard on the tour!

As you will be aware, there is an awful lot to remember when you take a tour with Philip Hutchinson.

A face shot of Jack the Ripper guide Philip Hutchinson.
Philip Hutchinson

You can, of course, relive the experience through the books he has written on the case.

But, you can also now test your own knowledge on the case by taking the 10 question quiz that Philip has set.

The quiz is made up of a series of multi-choice answers, together with several true or force questions.

Hopefully, the fact that you have a choice of answers (one of which will be the correct one) will jog your memory – in the case that your memory needs jogging, of course! – and help you decide on the correct solution to the question.

All the answers were featured on Philip’s walk.

To begin the quiz, simply enter your name into the boxes below, you can just enter your first name if you would prefer, and click the “Start” button. You will then be taken through the 10 questions and can spend as little, or as long, as you wish trying to find the correct answer to each one of them.

We ask for you name because, once you have completed the quiz, you will be awarded a certificate with your name and your score on it. So you don’t actually have to put your correct name if you would prefer not to. However, please keep in mind that the certificate will have the actual name you entered on it.

If you took the tour with a group of friends, why not share the quiz with them and see which of you gets the highest score? If you manage it, you can then flaunt your certificate at them for as long as you wish to taunt them!

So, if you are ready – please enter your name and test the knowledge you acquired on Philip Hutchinson’s Jack the Ripper walking tour of London.