The John Bennett Jack the Ripper Quiz

If you have taken the Jack the Ripper tour with John Bennett, then why not see how many of the fascinating facts you can remember?


The John Bennett Jack the Ripper walking tour quiz consists of 10 questions, which require either multi-choice or true or false answers.

An image showing Jack the Ripper tour guide John Bennett.
John Bennett Tour Guide

You will have heard the answer to each question on John’s walk, so the solution to each question should be hiding away somewhere in your memory.

Once you have completed all ten of the questions you will receive your score instantly, along with which questions you got right and which ones you may have got wrong.


To add an element of challenge to the quiz, why not share it with any friends or family who were in your group on the tour? That way you can see which of you gets the highest score and who, therefore, has the undisputed right to call themselves the Jack the Ripper guided walk champion!

To begin the quiz, simply enter your name in the boxes below. Your name will only be used on the certificate of achievement that you will receive at the end of the quiz, so you can, if you wish, use an alias.

Good luck.