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There are many companies that now offer Jack the Ripper Tours in London but we honestly believe that our combination of genuine experts as guides, truly atmospheric route and 30 years experience of introducing Londoners and visitors to the world’s greatest murder mystery makes our Jack the Ripper Walk the market leader.

Even the Bible of Jack The Ripper studies recommends us

The latest edition of the bible of Ripper Studies, The Complete Jack the Ripper A to Z, actually recommends our guide, Richard Jones, in its section on Jack the Ripper Walking Tours, whilst, at the same time, applauding him as “…one of London’s leading walking-tour guides”.

You’ve seen us on Television

Richard Jones has appeared on almost every Jack the Ripper television documentary throughout the last 25 years. He was historical adviser and also appeared on the History Channel’s History’s Mysteries – Jack The Ripper and on Sky 1’s Vic Reeve’s Investigates Jack The Ripper. On January 11th and 20th 2011 over one million viewers tuned in to watch the two part Channel Five drama/documentary Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story, which featured our guides Richard Jones and John Bennett.

Our guides went coast to coast on cinema screens across America

In the last week of October 2011 John Bennett and Richard Jones appeared in the drama-documentary Jack the Ripper The Definitive Story, which was screened at cinemas coast to coast in almost every US State.

This is another guarantee that, when you book a Jack the Ripper Tour with us, you are booking a walk with the acknowledged experts on the case.

Meet and Watch Your Guides

You can read a brief biography about all of our tour guides below and see them in action in the on screen video


As well as his output on Jack the Ripper, Richard is the author of the guide books Walking Haunted London; History and Mystery London; and Memorable Walks In London; all of which include tours around London’s East End.

Favourable reviews of his tour have appeared in newspapers as diverse as The Sunday Times, The Orange County Register, The Los Angeles Times, and In Britain.

His television appearances include the programmes History’s Mysteries: Jack the Ripper (History Channel); Jack the Ripper in America (Discovery Channel); Being Jack the Ripper; (Discovery Channel); and Vic Reeves Investigates Jack the Ripper (Sky One). He can even be seen on the DVD that accompanies the Johnny Depp film From Hell providing his expert opinion on various aspects of the Whitechapel Murders. He was also a major contributor to the Channel Five documentary Jack the Ripper The Definitive Story.

In 2004 he scripted, presented and co-produced the critically acclaimed drama/documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper which many Ripper aficionados have hailed as “one of the best – if not the best – Jack the Ripper documentaries of recent years.”

In 2022 Richard is still making the documentaries that feature on our YouTube Channel. This channel is part of our commitment to bringing you the most in depth information on what is truly a fascinating and intriguing subject.


John Bennett co-wrote and also appeared as one of the experts on the recent Channel Five programme Jack the Ripper the Definitive Story. This highly acclaimed production was screened on Channel Five in January 2011 and received numerous positive plaudits from Jack the Ripper experts.

John’s abilities as a tour guide have attracted numerous positive reviews by our clients. Indeed, several of those who have taken a similar tour with different companies have gone so far as to applaud John’s guided walk as being “much better than any of the others.”

John began his career as a teacher but then made the transition to full time, freelance Jack the Ripper Tour guide and now also writes books on the Jack the Ripper crimes and on the history of the East End of London where he was born and where he grew up.

He is, perhaps, best known in Ripper circles for his photography and his dedicated research into East End history.

But he is also the author of numerous articles for Ripperologist, Ripper Notes and the Whitechapel Society Journal on a range of topics concerning the Whitechapel Murders.

In addition to this aforementioned body of work John has also given talks on both Jack the Ripper and the East End of London at venues as the Idea Store in Whitechapel, HMS Victory and at the Whitechapel Society.

His book E1 – A Journey Through Whitechapel and Spitalfields was published in April 2009 and has won worldwide acclaim for the insight it provides into the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields that were Jack the Ripper’s hunting ground.


Angie has been conducting her Jack the Ripper tour for many years, and before that she had a genuine fascination both with the Whitechapel Murders and with the history of the East End of London.

Those who take her tour often comment on her passion for the subject, and many say that they feel as though she has taken them back to the streets of the East End of London as they were in 1888.


Jeremy John is an anthropologist, musician, and magician who delights in sharing his love for London’s atmospheric streets with like-minded visitors and Londoners.

He is an Eastender by heritage, his maternal family having resided in East London for over 150 years.

His fascination with the era of Jack the Ripper, especially in the lives of the victims and those like them, stems from a compassion for the plight of the poor and of the hardships that were endemic in the area.

And, being an Eastender by descent, he has an instinctive affinity with the customs, and traditions of the area as well as a deep affection for the streets, courts, passages, buildings, and, of course, the pubs.


Philip is a published author who has written several best-selling and highly acclaimed books on the Jack the Ripper mystery, and he has built up an enviable reputation for uncovering little-known facts about the history of the crimes and of the area.

Indeed, so esteemed is he in Ripperology circles that, over the last 10 years, he has been much in demand as a freelance speaker at Jack the Ripper conferences throughout the world.


Alan Drake

There’s so much to say about Alan. He is a fully qualified Blue Badge Guide, a talented and versatile actor, a top class musician, able to play both the guitar and the piano, and – as if all that wasn’t enough to fit into one lifetime – he is, to quote many of those who have been on his tours, an “awesome” tour guide.

He co-starred with Simon Pegg in his film A Fantastic Fear of Everything, released in June 2012. Very Aptly, and without giving too much away, the film is about a writer who is obsessed with Victorian serial killers.

When you join Alan’s Jack the Ripper Walk you don’t just see Jack the Ripper’s London, you experience it.

Alan’s training as an actor (he attended the London Academy of Dramatic Art) means that he is able to bring his own unique dimension and approach to the Jack the Ripper tour. Whereas some guides might just tell you what it was that the person he is talking about said or did, Alan is able to act it out for you, giving you the distinct impression that you are back in 1888 actually listening to the principal characters in the Jack the Ripper saga tell you their own story.

To attain his Blue Badge Guiding qualification, Alan actually carried out an in-depth study of the history of the very streets and buildings where the jack the Ripper murders occurred.

As a consequence he, like our other guides, is able to do something that is vitally important when introducing people to the Jack the Ripper mystery, he is able to place the murders in the context of the era and area in which they occurred.