Lindsay Siviter

Lindsay has been researching Jack the Ripper for just over twenty five years.

For the last thirteen years she has worked as a freelance Jack the Ripper Tour guide and is one of our leading and most popular guides.

As a trained historian Lindsay worked for many years in museums around the UK, including six years at The Science Museum in London.

Lindsay has extensive experience as a freelance researcher and has built up an enviable reputation for uncovering little known facts about the murders.


In 2011 she discovered the hitherto unknown final resting place and location of possible Ripper victims Emma Elizabeth Smith and Martha Tabram. When not conducting tours she dedicates herself to hunting out similar locations and even people connected with the case.

On her tour she will share her latest findings and will,of course, keep you up to speed with the most up to date aspects in the field of ripperology.


Lindsay has compiled a special Jack the Ripper quiz for all those who have joined her for her guided walking tour around London’s East End. So, if you have been on Lindsay’s walk, why not take here quiz and see how many of the questions you can answer?



Lindsay has researched a variety of people and places connected with the Ripper case and continues to research the first ever biography of Sir William Gull (1816-1890) being considered the leading authority on this famous Ripper suspect.

Lindsay discovered his Court suit in a museum archive in Oxfordshire and subsequently had unique access to his home 74 Brook Street in Mayfair London where she obtained various artefacts during the redevelopment of the building.


In 2011 she obtained permission from Gull’s descendants to be the first researcher to have privileged access to his family’s private papers, archives and documents and she travelled to South Africa to see these objects and to interview his descendants.


As a historical researcher Lindsay has assisted on many Jack the Ripper projects, having written and presented various articles as well as having contributed to several books on the subject. Lindsay has lectured at many events and conferences and is in constant demand as a guest speaker, being invited to give talks on the Ripper to various audiences around the country.


As an historical consultant she has appeared in numerous television programs and documentaries over the years including ‘Unmasking Jack the Ripper’ (2005) ‘The World of Jack the Ripper’ (2008) and most recently ‘Jack the Ripper : The Definitive Story’ which was screened on Channel Five and the History Channel and has just been released on DVD.

Lindsay has recently been filmed for a new programme due to be aired this summer on Channel 5 on Holloway prison where she discusses famous inmate Ethel Le Neve and her infamous lover Dr Crippen.


Lindsay has been a member for over ten years of the historical Whitechapel Society and is also one of the youngest members of The Metropolitan Police History Society having lectured at Scotland Yard on the Ripper.

She has lectured at The Yard on the famous Lord Lucan case which she has spent many years researching while working with the BBC on their latest documentaries on the case.

Crime Museum
Curator Paul Bickley and Lindsay Siviter and Keith Skinner in the crime museum

In the summer 2013 Lindsay began working at Scotland Yard’s famous Crime Museum, formerly known as the famous Black Museum, being one of the few non police people ever to have this privilege. She is the only tour guide in London to have this unique access!

Every week she assists the Curator and fellow assistant volunteer Ripper author Keith Skinner with various tasks including collating the catalogue, organizing the library, researching famous objects, re-organizing exhibition showcases and much more!


A few months ago HRH Prince William visited the museum and Lindsay discussed the Ripper case with him!


Lindsay is currently in the process of writing a new book on the Lord Lucan mystery. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the book and let you know the publication date when it is announced.