Richard Jones

As the founder of the original Aldgate East Jack the Ripper tour, Richard Jones is one of London’s most experienced tour guides and he has been conducting walks around the Whitechapel Murder sites since 1982. You can watch the story of how he came to found the tour on the following video.


He is internationally recognised as one of the World’s foremost authorities on the case and is acknowledged in the pages of what has been called the Bible of Ripper studies, The Complete Jack the Ripper A to Z, as one of the only guides to go with on a Jack the Ripper Tour, and that same hugely respected publication also described him as “one of London’s best walking tour guides”.


He is the author of two acclaimed books on the mystery Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London and Jack the Ripper:- The Casebook, the latter of which is now used as a coursework resource by schools and universities throughout the World.

He has appeared on virtually every television documentary on the Whitechapel murders over the last 20 years – both as an expert interviewee and as a presenter – and he has also produced written and presented two drama/documentaries about the subject On the Trail of Jack the Ripper (1997) and Unmasking Jack the Ripper (2005). The latter of these is also used by schools and universities as part of their coursework for Victorian studies and crime history studies, and it was specifically chosen by The Museum of London as the main DVD to stock for their hugely popular exhibition on the Jack the Ripper Murders. In fact, they applauded it as one of the best ripper documentaries in recent years.


You can now, incidentally, actually watch the whole of Unmasking Jack the Ripper on our Jack the Ripper TV page and see for yourself why journals such as Ripper Notes and Ripperologist have called it “one of the best, if not the best” documentaries of recent years and why Ripper Notes even commented on the quality of Richard’s presentation.


Richard is also a renowned expert on the history of the East End of London and, as a result, on his tours, you not only get a full and accurate description of the Jack the Ripper murders, but you also get to view them in the context of the era and the area in which they occurred.

He is the author of our history blog, which features detailed, and original information on, not just the Jack the Ripper murders, but also on the general history of London and the East End.


Of course, people can claim to be experts on the case when, in fact, is all they’ve done is learnt a quick script or read a few books on it.

However, Richard is able to prove his credentials with his Amazon Author’s page and also with the many mini-documentaries on the history of the Whitechapel Murders, and on the streets and history of London and the  East End, that he regularly posts to our dedicated Jack The Ripper Tour Youtube Channel.


So, when considering which guide you wish to explore the streets where the World’s greatest murder mystery was played out with, remember that, with Richard Jones and his fellow guides, you will not only get taken round by people who are able to conduct an enjoyable and gripping guided tour of the ripper murder sites, but who are in a league of their own when it comes to the provable expertise that they are able to demonstrate.