Trevor Bond’s Jack the Ripper Tour Quiz

If you’ve been on the walking tour with Trevor Bond, why give his quiz a go and see how many of the fascinating facts you can remember?


Trevor’s Jack the Ripper quiz features ten questions –  all of which require multi point answers  – and all of which are related to the information and the facts that you will have heard on his walking tour around the sites of the various locations connected to the Jack the Ripper crime spree.

A photograph of Trevor Bond.
Jack the Ripper Tour Guide, Trevor Bond.

The quiz is intended as a little light hearted fun that we’ve added to the tour as an addition, since one of the most common questions we get asked at the start of the walk is “is there a test at the end?”

Now, we can answer, in all sincerity, “yes”!

Trevor has compiled 10 easy to answer questions for you to ponder.

You will have heard, or even seen, the answer to each question as you made your way round the tour route so, in that respect, it shouldn’t prove too difficult to answer each and every one of them.


If you took the tour with friends or family, why don’t you challenge each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly and discover which of you is the undisputed Jack the Ripper quiz champion?

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