There is currently a huge upgrade programme taking place on the tube network in London. This has resulted in a spate of weekend tube closures which can impact on the smooth running of your journey to join the walk. On some weekends (thankfully these closures are becoming less frequent!) these weekend engineering works might result in part or total line closures the District and/or Hammersmith and City Lines – both of which serve Aldgate East Underground Station where our Jack the Ripper Tour begins.


When there are line closures due to engineering work you will need to find alternative means of reaching the meeting point of the tour.


As part of our commitment to making sure your experience of our tour is as hassle free as possible we’ve put in place a dedicated section on our website that offers you step by step directions from other nearby stations that will be open in the event of Aldgate East Station being closed on the weekend you have booked for.


We have an up to the minute tube status checker on our website, which also tells you if there will be disruption for the weekend ahead. Click Here Check For Tube Disruption.

If you find this to be the case then below you will find alternative directions that will enable you to reach our Jack the Ripper tour from the most convenient underground station for you or by bus.


The most convenient bus route is the 25. This route starts at Tottenham Court Road, which is located at the eastern section of Oxford Street.  The route goes via Holborn, then through the City of London to Aldgate before driving along Whitechapel High Street.

You should leave the 25 bus at the bus stop outside the Aldgate Exchange pub, which is situated on Whitechapel High Street. On  arrival you will need to turn right off the bus, walk past Exit 1 of Aldgate East Underground Station (the exit is currently covered in scaffolding), keep ahead over Commercial Street by way of the pedestrian crossing, walk past the Sportec shop on the corner, head straight past the solitary silver phone box and keep going until you reach Burger King. Once, there if you turn your back on Burger King, and cross Whitechapel High Street via the pedestrian crossing, you will arrive on the pavement outside Exit Four of the Station where our Jack the Ripper Tour begins.

For a detailed bus map please check out the route of the 25 bus here. Just type 25 into the search box to view a map of the entire route.


Should the District Line and the Hammersmith and City Line be shut for weekend engineering work then Aldgate East Station itself will be closed. The good news is there are two nearby underground stations that are a short walk (10 to 15 minutes) away from our meeting point.

These are  – Liverpool Street, situated on the Central Line as well as on the mainline Rail (convenient if you are coming from Essex or East London; and Bank Underground Station, located on the Central and Northern Lines, and convenient for tour participants heading to the Jack the Ripper Tour from the King’s Cross, Camden, Islington or  the Angel districts of London.

So is all you need to do is check which of these is most convenient for you and, when you arrive at either Bank or Liverpool Street Station,  just follow our step by step directions below.


The walking time from Liverpool Street is 12 to 15 minutes at a gentle pace.

Exit Liverpool Street Station via the Bishopsgate Exit, which is located to the right of Platforms 12 and 13.

Having left Bishopsgate exit go left along Bishopsgate itself, ignoring the first traffic light crossing, which is almost directly outside the exit, and make your way to the next crossing to go over Bishopsgate,  heading towards the Pitcher and Piano Bar and Dirty Dick’s Pub.

Walk to the left of Dirty Dick’s into Middlesex Street, the Woodin’s Shades Pub on the opposite corner to your left. Keep ahead along Middlesex Street, following it as it swerves right, then keep straight, passing Therapy on the right.

Having passed East India House on the right follow Middlesex Street as it bends right and cross to the left side of Middlesex Street. Keep going, crossing Strype Street, Cobb Street and Wentworth Street and ahead over the unsigned New Goulston Street, passing The Bell pub on its opposite corner.

Keep ahead, passing the orange and blue round columns of the car park on your left,  veer left in front of the pedestrian subway, follow its railing as they go right and then keep ahead past the advertising bill boards behind the black iron fence to your left.

Once you’ve passed the billboards, go left onto Whitechapel High Street, keep straight over Goulston Street, head past both the Aldgate Exchange and the bus stop, keep ahead over Old Castle Street and go past Exit One of Aldgate East Station, which is currently covered in scaffolding.

Cross Commercial Street via the traffic lights and pass to the right of the Sportec shop on the opposite corner. When you arrive outside Burger King cross over Whitechapel High Street via the Pedestrian Crossing, veer left on the other side and you will come, within seconds, to Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station. Our Jack the Ripper Walk meets on the pavement outside this exit.


The walking time from Bank Underground Station is 15 to 17 minutes at a gentle pace.


If you are arriving at Bank Station via the Northern Line you can either transfer to the Central Line and take it one stop to Liverpool Street Station then follow the above directions, or you can walk to Aldgate East Station using the following step by step directions.

Keep straight along Lombard Street, passing to the left of the red Post (Mail) boxes. go immediately left to pass through the covered Pope’s Head Alley, at the end of which head right along Cornhill.


If you are arriving at Bank Underground Station on the Central Line then you will need to go out of Exit Three of the Station. Turn right out the exit, then left along Cornhill, crossing to its right side.


Keep ahead  along Cornhill, passing the bus stop with the white E on it,  cross Birchin Lane and keep ahead to reach the traffic lights at the top of Cornhill.

Cross straight over the traffic lights and, on their other side, keep ahead along Leadenhall Street.

Keep ahead over Whittington Avenue,  over Lime Street and Billiter Street, then cross to the left side of Leadenhall Street.

Keep going over Creechurch Lane, pass the bus stop with the white X on it and, on arrival at the traffic lights,  go over Mitre Street heading for St Botolph’s church, which is clearly visible ahead.

Go over the two pedestrian crossing towards the church, then veer right once you’ve crossed the second crossing and keep  straight, with St Botolph’s Church to your left.

Keep going along Aldgate High Street, passing Aldgate Station on your left, and ahead past 33 Aldgate House.

Cross over the next pedestrian crossing, towards the advertising hoardings opposite, and pass to the right of these billboards along Whitechapel High Street. Keep going over Goulston Street, go past the Aldgate Exchange Pub and the bus stop, cross over Castle Street and keep ahead past Exit One of Aldgate East Underground Station, which is currently covered in scaffolding.

keep ahead over Commercial Street, pass to the right of the Sportec shop on its opposite corner and keep going to reach Burger King.

Turn your back on Burger King and cross over Whitechapel High Street via the pedestrian crossing. Turn left on the other side and within seconds you will arrive outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station. Our Jack the Ripper Tour meets here at 7pm.