Emergency Contact If you Are Running Late

CLICK HERE TO CALL US ON 020 8530 8443

Should you arrive late for the Jack the Ripper Walk and find that the tour has departed, please be sure to first of all call our emergency phone number 020 8530 8443. This number is manned by our office staff most nights from 6pm to 7.30pm.

On those nights when it is not manned by our office staff it will connect you directly with your guide’s mobile phone.

However, please remember the guides will only answer their phones if they are between stops, not if they are guiding, as answering phone calls whilst guiding will distract the rest of the group and is not particularly professional nor polite.

Therefore, the best way to avoid disappointment is to allow enough time to reach the tour before its designated start time of 7 pm.

How Do I Catch The Rest Of The Tour Up If I Am Late?

Firstly, can we stress that the best way to avoid disappointment is to allow yourself sufficient journey time to ensure that you arrive at the start point in plenty of time for the designated start time of 7 pm.

However, if you do arrive late and the tour has departed (we depart promptly at 7pm and we are unable to wait for any latecomers as this is simply not fair on the majority of participants who have arrived on time) these are the catch-up directions.

WARNING! PLEASE BE SURE TO JOIN OUR JACK THE RIPPER WALK! On occasions, it has happened that another Jack the Ripper Walk has taken to stopping in Gunthorpe Street and misled our clients into joining them. They then make them pay at the end of their tour, so please be sure that you join the original Jack the Ripper Tour you booked for with us. Ask your guide if they have your name on the guest list; if they do then it is the correct walk, if they do not then they’re not us, so just move on.


From outside Exit One of Aldgate East Station, cross over Leman Street via the crossing, and then head down Whitechapel High Street. Keep ahead, via the crossing over Commercial Street, veer left on the other side, and cross Whitechapel High Street via the next pedestrian crossing, heading towards the Burger King and the White Hart Pub on the other side of Whitechapel High Street.

Next to the White Hart Pub is a narrow alley called Gunthorpe Street. Turn into Gunthorpe Street and the Jack the Ripper Walk will be in Gunthorpe Street for around 5 to 8 minutes.
Again please tell your guide you have joined the tour and ensure that your name is on the guest list. If it isn’t you have joined the wrong tour, so keep moving.

DIRECTIONS FROM GUNTHORPE STREET: If the group has left Gunthorpe Street, then please continue to its far end. Turn right along Wentworth Street, then left along Brick Lane. You will shortly arrive at the Shaad Restaurant at the junction with Thrawl Street. The walk will be here for about another 5 or so minutes. This will be around 7.25 pm.

DIRECTIONS FROM THE SHAAD: Continue along Brick Lane until you reach Hanbury Street. Turn left along Hanbury Street and the Jack the Ripper walk will be on the right side of Hanbury Street for around 8 minutes. Because the pavement isn’t particularly wide in Hanbury Street the group may have had to move some way up it. Just walk along the street until you find the group. Again be sure to check in with the guide and make sure you have joined the correct tour.

DIRECTIONS FROM HANBURY STREET: Keep going to the far end of Hanbury Street, turn left along Commercial Street, keep ahead over Fournier Street and pause outside the white church of Christchurch Spitalfields. The tour will be outside this church for around four minutes.

By the time we reach Christchurch we are more than halfway through the tour (an hour into it) so, regretfully, from this point on we will be unable to help you further.

So, once again, please be sure to allow enough time to travel to the start of the tour in time for its designated start of 7pm. That way you will not need the catch-up directions and you will not be disappointed at having missed the walk.