We’re often asked by those booked on our walks where to go before and/or after the tour. Lucky for you we’re not just experts on the Whitechapel murders of 1888 – we can also help ensure you enjoy the rest of your day sampling some of the great food and drink the area has to offer!

Can You Recommend Any Pubs And Restaurants Nearby To Grab Some Food Or Drink?

Yes, we can! Many of our clients like to have a meal before or after their tour. We personally suggest the following restaurants in the area we’ve we’ve found excellent food and service.

Please note, if you are planning to eat before the tour then please be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to the restaurant, eat your meal and then walk back to the start of the tour. We recommend sitting down in any of the following establishments no later than 5.45 pm, as this should give you enough time to eat and then walk back to the starting point.

13 Brick Lane, E1 6PU
Telephone: 020 7247 5755

The Shaad is the Brick Lane Restaurant that our guides often choose to eat at when they pay a social visit to Brick Lane, so you can’t have a better recommendation than that!

The building in which it is located was formerly the Frying Pan Pub, which features in the Jack the Ripper story in that Mary Nichols, the first victim of Jack the Ripper, was seen drinking in this pub shortly before her murder.

However, it is not its connection with the Jack the Ripper story that makes this a favourite with our guides but rather the fantastic eating experience that is to be had at the Shaad.

The restaurant’s decor is bright, cheery and modern, whilst the menu offers an array of mouth-wateringly delicious dishes.

104 Brick Ln, E1 6RL
Telephone: 07931 842 458

For those who have meat, dairy or gluten free dietary requirements, Brick Lane is also the home of the fantastic Mooshies.

All items on the menu are suitable for vegans, with a selection of mains and sides also specified as gluten free.

Their 4 main signature burgers are a BBQ pulled jackfruit burger, a Quinoa and Black Bean patty burger, a battered aubergine fish-style sandwich and an Indian cuisine-inspired vegetable sandwich named the “Brick Lane Bhaji”.

Mooshies is held in high regard among the plant-based diet community, with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Happycow.net and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Facebook.

44 Goulston Street, E1 7TP
Telephone: 020 7377 9815 

Another great favourite with our guides The Happy Days Fish Restaurant does the best Fish and Chips in the area, if not in London.

As with the Shaad it also features in the Jack the Ripper story in that the only clue that Jack the Ripper ever left behind was found in the doorway of what is now the restaurants take away counter!

The Happy Days has a spacious, clean and modern licensed restaurant which many of our private groups have used and been delighted with.

The portions are generous, the service is friendly and speedy. Since we stop outside the take-away doorway on the tour, some of our clients like to buy themselves a portion of chips, which can be nice and warming, especially on a cold winters night.

89 Whitechapel High Street, E1 7RA 
Telephone: 020 7247 1546

This old pub is situated on the opposite side of Whitechapel High Street from the starting point for our Jack the Ripper Walk, so it makes a great place to begin your evening should you arrive early for the tour and fancy a drink, a sit-down and a toilet stop.

As with our previous suggestions the White Hart also features in the Jack the Ripper story in that one of the major suspects, George Chapman, actually ran a barber’s shop in the cellar of the pub in 1890.

The pub can get quite crowded. But, given it is related to the mystery, coupled with the fact it is one of only a handful of pubs in the area that hasn’t gone for an ultra modern, wine bar like decor, but rather has chosen to keep its traditional East End Pub style, a visit is well worthwhile.

Can you Recommend Any Hotels Nearby?

Again, we can indeed! From time to time we do get enquiries from our clients about hotels or B&Bs that they can stay in if they are travelling to London to take our Jack the Ripper Walk. Here are a few suggestions.

5 Commercial Street, E1 6BF

Telephone: 020 7422 8400

The Hotel Ibis London City is close to the starting point for our Jack the Ripper Tour and is conveniently situated next to Aldgate East Underground Station.

To reach the tour from the Ibis, simply come out of the hotel’s front door, turn right along Commercial Street, walk down to the traffic lights at the junction of Commercial Street and Whitechapel High Street, and you will see Aldgate  Tower on the opposite side. Exit One is the exit directly in front of Aldgate Tower.

Exit One of Aldgate East Undergound Station.
Exit One of Aldgate East Underground Station , Directly in Front Of Aldgate Tower At The Junction Of Whitechapel High Street And Leman Street.

12-20 Osborn Street, E1 6TE
Telephone: 020 7247 3313

The City Hotel is also very convenient for the starting point of our Jack the Ripper Tour. It is situated on Osborn Street which connects Whitechapel Road to Brick Lane. You should be aware that this stretch of road can be very busy at night, so it might be worth requesting a room that doesn’t overlook it.

To reach the start of our tour from the City Hotel, come out of the hotel, go left along Osborn Street, turn right at the traffic lights, and walk along Whitechapel High Street, passing Burger King, and when you arrive at Sports Direct on the corner of Commercial Street, look diagonally left across the traffic light and you will see Aldgate Tower. Exit One, where the tour meets, is directly in front of Aldgate Tower.