SINCE 1982

As twilight drapes itself over the sinister thoroughfares of London’s East End and the shadows lengthen across its cobblestone courtyards and tucked away passageways, the original (Established 1982), expert led, Jack the Ripper Tour sets off into the Victorian alleyways and dark recesses of Whitechapel to follow Jack the ripper’s bloodstained trail of terror.

This is the tour that goes straight into the area where the infamous Jack the Ripper murders occurred in 1888, and which takes you on a breathtaking journey through the events of that long ago autumn of terror, when an unknown miscreant was stalking the night time shadows of the very streets and alleyways through which you will wend on London’s ultimate Crime Scene Investigation.

Indeed, our Jack the Ripper walk follows a route that really will transport you back to the Victorian East End, and which will put you right at the epicentre of the murders to join the 19th century police as they attempt to hunt history’s most infamous serial killer.

Within a few moments of setting off you’ll actually be standing at the site of a murder that many believe was the first atrocity carried out by Jack the Ripper.

From then on, you’ll follow a chronological route that will take you to more of the Whitechapel Murders sites. and on which you will encounter more locations that have survived from that long ago era, than on any other tour.

Looking along Gunthorpe Street.
Gunthorpe Street – The First Stop On The Tour


There are now lots of Jack the Ripper tours to choose from in London, but this was the original Aldgate East walking tour (Established in 1982), and it is the only one of the Jack the Ripper guided walks that is consistently led by guides who have published acclaimed books on the Jack the Ripper mystery, and whose credentials are unsurpassed.

Indeed you can verify the level of our expertise independently on Amazon, as well as on various historical and Jack the Ripper forums.

Your guides will include:-

John Bennett, author of  The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper,  Jack the Ripper:- The Forgotten Victims, Jack The Ripper:- CSI: Whitechapel, and the upcoming Mob Town: A History of Crime and Disorder in the East End. John was also the writer and historical adviser for the TV series Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story.

Philip Hutchinson, author of The London of Jack The Ripper Then and NowThe Jack the Ripper Location Photographs.

Richard Jones, author of Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London, Jack the Ripper:-The Casebook, The Jack The Ripper Files and Walking Dickensian London. Richard was also the writer, producer and presenter of the acclaimed drama/documentary Unmasking Jack The Ripper.  Richard’s contribution to the field was recognised at the 2016 Jack the Ripper Conference when he was presented with “The Outstanding Achievement” award, an honour which, over the years, has only been bestowed upon a handful of  the most respected ripperologists.

Angie Norman, a researcher and historian who has conducted extensive analysis of the case and who has been at the forefront of some of the most recent discoveries (in particular the mysterious Jack the Ripper shawl) on the subject. She will be happy to give your her honest assessment of these findings. Just ask her!

Lindsay Siviter, one of the most respected ripperologists. She has written many articles on the Whitechapel Murders and she is also an assistant curator at the Metropolitan Police’s exclusive  Crime Museum, which has given her access to many original documents on the case.

So, in short, when you join our Jack the Ripper Tour, you won’t be taken around by a guide who has just read a few books, or watched a couple of TV programmes on Jack the Ripper – you will be joining the guides who wrote the books and who made or appeared in the television programmes.


In addition our Jack the Ripper Tour is recommended in the pages of the ultimate Jack the Ripper resource the Jack the Ripper A to Z.

Its authors even go as far as to state that Richard Jones is “ of London’s finest walking tour guides.”

How’s that for international recognition!


Our tour is not a gimmicky, childish tour on which guides dress up in silly costumes and ham it up.

If that is the sort of tour you are looking for then we honestly are not the tour for you.

Our tour is a CSI experience that appeals to those who have a genuine desire to investigate the World’s most infamous murder mystery, and who wish to learn about it in the company of expert guides whose reputations in the field are firmly established, and whose collective contribution to ripper studies is unsurpassed.

You will be able to discuss the case with your guide and fellow tour participants, and you can rest assured that any questions, or observations, that you have will be both welcomed and answered.

In short, we offer a tour that is very much a thinking persons Jack the Ripper walk, which is enjoyed by discerning individuals who want the facts about the case, rather than the sensationalised fiction.


However, our guides are not only experts on the subject, but they are also experienced and talented performers who are able to present their tours in a lively and engaging manner.

They won’t stand there and bombard you with dry dates and dusty facts, nor will they recite by rote from a script.

Instead, they will skillfully interweave what is a gripping and fascinating story into two hours of informed entertainment that will breathe life into the history that surrounds you, and which may even have you convinced that you’ve been transported back to that long ago autumn of bloodshed, mayhem and terror.

Many of our clients comment on the fact that our guides are not only knowledgeable on the subject, but also on the fact that they have an obvious passion for the history and the facts that they are imparting.

But, please don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients say about us on Tripadvisor and Facebook on our reviews page. You can access it here.


  • Start at the epicentre of the area in which the Jack the Ripper murders occurred.
  • Go straight into the old alleyways and streets that are still as they were when the ripper prowled their shadows.
  • Visit more of the actual Whitechapel Murder sites than on any other tour
  • Peruse Victorian photographs of the streets through which you will be walking
  • Join the Victorian Crime Scene Investigation into the murders that shook the World
  • Examine original police documents related to the case, including the infamous “Dear Boss, Jack the Ripper” letter.
  • Be guided by World renowned experts who have written books about Jack the Ripper.


We also use contemporary Victorian photographs that help bring the streets of the bygone East End to vivid life.

At many of your stops your guide will pass around hauntingly evocative black and white images that will show you the spot on which you are standing as it was at the time of the Whitechapel Murders.

Your guide won’t simply hold these images up and expect everyone to be able to see them, nor will they beam them onto a wall using a shaky hand-held projector.

Your guide will actually pass the photographs around, so that you can hold them yourself and study them for as long as you wish. You can, in short, peruse your surroundings and compare them as they are today with what they were like back in 1888; and, in so doing, will be able to carry out your own Victorian Crime Scene Investigation.

How’s that for a journey back in time!

A view along Dorset Street.
Dorset Street, Spitalfields. One of The Photos You Will Hold.


We are also the only one of the Jack the Ripper tours that has a dedicated emergency phone number for our clients to call if they experience any difficulties.

This is a massive thing to consider when booking your walk.

If you are running late, or something goes wrong on your journey to the tour, you might arrive to find that the tour has departed and you have missed it.

With us, we ask for your mobile phone number when you make your booking. If you have not arrived by the time your tour is departing you will receive a phone call from us, and we will ensure that you get to the tour quickly and with the least amount of delay.

Additionally, you can call our emergency phone number, that we provide at the time of booking, and you can speak to an actual person who will stay on the phone with you and direct you through the streets until you have found your guide.

In fact, when it comes to customer service, and ensuring that our clients enjoy a truly positive experience, we are fanatical when it comes to customer service.


Over the years hundreds of names have been put forward for the mantle of Jack the Ripper.

A member of the Royal family, the Freemasons, doctors, butchers, slaughter men and sailors have all, at one stage or another, found themselves in the frame as contenders.

Your guide will be able to lead you through the minefield of likely suspects, help you sift through the evidence and, help you decide for yourself which of the many, many suspects you think is the likeliest to have been Jack the Ripper.


So join our expert led tour for a chilling journey back in time that will take you into the very heart of Jack the Ripper’s London where, with every step taken, you will find yourself being drawn into one of the darkest and most fascinating periods in London’s history.

A tour on which you will be constantly looking over your shoulder, ever wary of who might be lurking in the dark corners and shadow-draped alleyways.

But please remember – it will get dark and it might be foggy.