A Case of Mistaken Identity

It’s been a while since the daily blog took a break from the crimes of Jack the Ripper. So today I thought I’d take a look at a common mistake that people are apparently making concerning the Beatles and the World’s most iconic pedestrian crossing.

Over in St John’s Wood you have the Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded many of their greatest hits and albums.

On Abbey Road itself, outside the studios, is the pedestrian crossing on which John, Paul, George and Ringo had themselves photographed for the cover of their album of that name.

Ever since, the crossing itself has become a place of pilgrimage for Beatles fans from all over the World who often bring the traffic to a standstill as they recreate the album cover.

However, with the 2012 Olympics being hosted in Stratford in the East End of London, a certain amount of confusion entered the equation when people began to spot that their is, in fact, and Abbey Road Station on the Docklands Light Railway.

A photo of the Abbey Road DLR Station.

Apparently, some Beatles fans presumed that since the station was called Abbey Road then it must be the one to travel to should you wish to visit and photograph the pedestrian crossing!

Thus, this nondescript little station, just outside Stratford, was suddenly inundated with fans of the fab four wanting to know where the would famous crossing was.

TFL, therefore, decided to help them out  with an obliging poster that informed them of their mistake but which they worded in such a way as to use the titles of several Beatles songs to inform them that they were in the wrong place.

The sign that greets Beatles fans who turn up at Abbey Road DLR Station looking for the Beatles famous crossing.

So, should you be planning to visit the Abbey Road Crossing and you happen to spot this station on the DLR then don’t go there as you’ll end up having to head back across London to reach your correct destination.

But, should you make the mistake and find yourself at this station, then at least pause to amuse yourself by reading the helpful poster that shows that, despite what you might think about them, TFL Love You Do!