A Ghost Story

If you’ve taken our Jack the Ripper Walk and want to experience another of our tours then why not join Richard Jones for a tour of Haunted London?

Richard is London’s master of the macabre and is world-renowned as the leading expert on paranormal London.


A bizarre series of events afflicted a family who had joined him on his Halloween Ghost Walk in 2005.

The daughter decided to take away a cobblestone from one of the courtyards that was featured on the London Ghost Walk and, by the end of the evening, it was sitting on a shelf in her bedroom.

However, its arrival in their house had unexpected consequences for it sparked off a series of strange occurrences. They began hearing ghostly voices sounding out from empty rooms. They caught fleeting glimpses of a spectral figure. The temperature in the house would drop alarmingly, even though the central heating was going at full blast.

Then, one night, they were unable to enter the daughter’s bedroom as the door appeared to be jammed shut. When they eventually managed to force their way in they found that someone, or something, had pushed the bedroom furniture up against the door. Furthermore, the room had been ransacked with bed covers and clothing dumped in an untidy pile in the centre of the room. And there on top of the pile was the cobblestone.

That was enough. They decided that removing the cobblestone had been a mistake and that it must be returned to its rightful position. So it was that, a few nights later, they returned to London and placed the cobblestone back in the courtyard. After that all was calm in the house once more.

You can visit the courtyard and see the cobblestone for yourself on Richard’s London Ghost Tour. Click here for details.