A Happy 2013 To You All

Greetings and salutations and welcome to 2013.

This year is a big year as far as Jack the Ripper studies go in that it is 125 years since the murders took place in the East End of London and we’ll be marking each anniversary with a very special walk.

Christmas was quite a hectic period for us, even though the weather outside really was frightful. Although we took a few days break from the Jack the Ripper Tour itself, we have been busily chiselling away, tweaking our walk which we’re going to be giving a major overhaul too in the next two months and on which we’re going to be introducing some major new innovations which we think you’ll like a lot. Watch this space for more information.

In the meantime, we received some intriguing emails over the Christmas period and one in particular that came up with an intriguing theory as to who Jack the Ripper was, or at least what his motive may have been.

“This might be far fetched…coming from a dream, but I believe that Jack the Ripper was a medical student (not a teacher) using prostitutes to study for tests and exams. He had parents that were well off enough to supply the grapes and liquids to lure these girls in isolated areas. If possible, research the surrounding colleges/universities, dates and times of exams via murders. The student couldn’t make the grade even with the extra” lab work”. Check it out.”

I’ll write a blog later on this week about this theory as it does include some interesting ideas.

It’s always nice when people take the trouble to let us know their opinions and theories on the case, so please keep your ideas coming in and be sure to join us and like us on our Facebook Page where we encourage people to get involved and post their comments and ideas.