A Jack the Ripper Test

Well, it’s Saturday morning and the sun is blazing down on London from a clear blue sky. Okay, it’s absolutely freezing but hey ho it is the bleak mid-winter (well almost). 

So, what better way to get in to the seasonal spirit than getting those little grey cells a-sparking and indulging in our little Jack the Ripper Quiz.

You can find the answer to all these questions here on our Jack the Ripper Tour website, and, although there are no prizes for answering them all, just think of the kudos of knowing more about Jack the Ripper than that chap sitting opposite you on the 25 bus as you inch through the traffic on Whitechapel High Street (if you are on the 25 bus as you read this, and  you are inching along Whitechapel High Street, how spooky does that last bit sound!).

On your marks, get set…..

1. What position did Joseph Loane hold?

2.  Where did Miriam Howells live?

3. What might Thomas J Bulling have been responsible for?

4. According to Sergeant Thick, what was John, or Jack, Pizer also known as?

5. Which victim was found murdered in Dutfield’s Yard?

6. What was Charles Ludwig’s profession?

7. Which of our guides discovered a never before seen photograph of Dutfield’s Yard?

8. Of what was Laura Richard’s the head?

9. What was Patrick Mulshaw’s Job?

10.Which jubilee had Queen Victoria recently celebrated in 1888?

So there you have it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to delve into the various sections of our highly informative Jack the Ripper website and see how many of the answers you can discover.

Of course, you will also be able to discover lots more information about the Jack the Ripper case with our  detailed resource.

There are section of the suspects; you will find detailed essays about the various letters to Jack the Ripper that were sent in, there’s a lot about the social history in the East End of London in the years leading up to the crime spree;  and you can even watch our videos on the murders on our dedicated Channel about the case.