Amelia Jeffs Inquest – Summing Up And Verdict

On Monday 10th March 1890, the final day of the inquest into the death of Amelia Jeffs took place. The hearing went into a great amount of detail and several witnesses who had previously given evidence were recalled.

Several of the workmen who had access to 126 Portway, the house where the body had been found, were called to testify, as was a police inspector whose evidence contradicted that given at the previous hearing by Mr Samuel Roberts, the night watchman, who had sworn he had not seen or handled the keys to the houses since the previous August.

Given that the final day of the inquest went into so much detail, it is worth reproducing the press transcripts of it in full, so the following is the full report as it appeared in Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper¬†on Sunday 16th March 1890:-

The final day of the Inquest Into Amelia jeffs Death.

The summing up at the verdict at the inquest into the death of Amelia Jeffs.
The Summing Up And Verdict


And, with that, the inquest into the death of Amelia Jeffs drew to a close.

The police, however, continued their investigation into her murder, but little or no new information or evidence was forthcoming until, in May 1890, a sensational find was made in the roof space of 126 Portway.

In the next instalment you will be able to read full details of that find and discover what, if any, light it cast upon who was the murderer of Amelia Jeffs.

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