Christmas Is Coming- Get Your Jack the Ripper Gifts Early!

As it’s mid November, Christmas really isn’t that far away now so as the shops start to put up their Christmas decorations and adverts on the TV are sprinkled with festive songs in the background, now is certainly the time to start buying gifts for your loved ones! If you have a family member or friend that is always talking about and are fascinated by the escapades of Jack the Ripper, then you are certainly in the right place as we have a few ideas that could make for the perfect Christmas presents;

‘Unmasking Jack the Ripper’ DVD

Everyone loves a good DVD and if you know of someone who is intrigued by the mystery of Jack the Ripper, then this DVD is a must buy for them. Filmed at each of the sites of the Jack the Ripper murders, this documentary offers a vivid picture of what it was like at the time and the terror felt by the residents of London’s East End.

With reconstructions of the events, there is never a dull moment in this documentary as the viewer slips into the sinister world of Jack the Ripper.

‘Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London’ Book

If your Jack the Ripper buff prefers a more traditional method of discovering in-depth details of his crimes, this book will make the perfect gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. Offering a day by day account of the torment suffered by those living in the East End in addition to vivid details of the murders, you won’t find any sensationalism, just the facts; which are certainly sensational enough!

With never before seen photographs of both the streets and murder scenes, the reader will soon feel as if they are there at the time, living the terror with all the other residents in 1888.

Gift Vouchers for the Jack the Ripper Tour

If you think someone would love the opportunity to get out there on the streets of London and visit the locations where the crimes took place, our Jack the Ripper walk ticks all the boxes. To give this as a gift for Christmas, we have gift vouchers available that can be redeemed at any point and will enable the user gets a real grasp on what it was like on the streets during this period in history.

Exploring the cobbled alleyways and mysterious streets that Jack the Ripper once trawled, you can visit the spots where he committed his atrocious murders, view crime scene photos and hear stories from those around at the time.

For someone who is intrigued by the mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper and his crimes during 1888, we have all angles covered when it comes to gifts for Christmas 2012!