Cross Rail

The area around Buck’s Row (where the first Jack the Ripper murder occurred on August 31st 1888) is now undergoing major works s part of the Crossrail project.

There’s no doubt that, when this mammoth project is finally finished it is going to speed up journeys from west to east and vice versa. 26 trains an hour will run in both directions, 14 of them between Whitechapel and Paddington.

26 miles of tunnels are being dug under the streets of London, which has to be a massive engineering task, albeit not being a tunneller myself I’m not sure how impressive a feat this is!

What I do know is that Crossrail is going to change the face of many London neighbourhoods and Whitechapel is no exception.

From a Jack the Ripper perspective you’ll be able to zoom in to Whitechapel from the far west of London and be there by the first murder site. You can then head on over to the Royal London Hospital and visit their small exhibition on the Jack the Ripper murders.

From the perspective of London as a whole the Crossrail project is uncovering numerous intriguing finds from the City’s past.

One of the most recent finds was a that of the skeletons of thirteen 14th century plague victims around Charterhouse Square in Farringdon. 

I actually feature this plague pit on several of my walks but to see the remains of those long ago Londoners brought to light was a truly chilling moment. You can read the full story here.

So, yes Crossrail is, at present, causing havoc in central London, but when it’s finished it’ going to make getting around the Capital an altogether speedier and more pleasant undertaking. Stay tuned for updates on the project.