Images From Lindsay Siviter

Over the last few weeks, our guide, Lindsay Siviter, has been busily snapping away to catch some really great images of the buildings she passes as she leads her Jack the Ripper tours around the streets of the East End of London.


This first image shows the junction of Hanbury Street and Wilkes Street.

An old house on the conrer of Hanbury and Wilkes Streets
The Corner of Hanbury Street


The next photograph shows some of the wonderful old houses that the walk passes as it makes its way through the streets of Spitalfields. This little enclave has hardly changed since the autumn of 1888 and you real do get the feel of the Victorian East End as you pass through it.

Some of the old houses in Spitalfields.
Spitalfields Houses


One of the features of the area in recent years is the abundance of street art that has started to appear on the various walls that we pass by in the course of the walk. As ever, Lindsay has been there to record some of it for posterity!

A piece of street art showing the silhouette of a man in a bowler hat.
Some East End Street Art


Lindsay also makes some great discoveries of photographs of the people who were involved in – or were some way related to – the Whitechapel Murders. In this great photo that she shared recently on our Facebook Page, you are looking at the face of Catherine Eddowes granddaughter Ellen Phillips.

An image of Ellen Phillips, the granddaughter of Catherine Eddowes.
Catherine Eddowes Granddaughter, Ellen Phillips.

A big thanks to Lindsay for taking the trouble to share these fantastic images, and you can see many more if you join her throughout the dark nights of October and November as she ventures into the abyss!