It’s About To Begin – 125 Years and Counting

As July 1888 was drawing to a close, the people of the East End of London were going about their everyday lives little suspecting that, somewhere in the depths of the area, a murderous maniac was preparing to unleash a reign of terror upon them, the like of which they had never seen before.

Crime itself was commonplace in London’s East End in the late 19th century. Muggings, assaults, drunken brawls and domestic violence all combined to give the district a reputation for villainy that was unrivalled by anywhere else in the entire Victorian Metropolis.

But the crimes that were about to shake the area to its core would shock even the most hardened and heartless of the areas criminals and would leave case hardened police officers shaking their heads in disbelief and the sheer and their sheer brutality.

Within 6 weeks of 31st July 1888 people would be wondering about the monster who was roaming the streets of the East End, leaving a menacing trail of bloodshed mayhem in his wake.

Even today, with the passage of almost 125 years since the murders began – and inured as we are to violent crime by its constant depiction on numerous detective films and TV programmes – the Jack the Ripper murders still have the ability to shock.

So this year, we’re going to be marking the 125th anniversary of the Whitechapel Murders with a range of special walks and activities that will provide you with some fascinating insights into this long ago murder spree.

We’ll be releasing some great information on the case, and we’ll give you the opportunity to learn as much about the Jack the Ripper murders as you wish to. Much of this will be here on our website, so be sure to stay tuned to these pages throughout the 125th anniversary of the autumn of terror.

Of course out Jack the Ripper Tour will reflect the anniversaries of the various murders by focussing on the individual victims on the night’s of their murders.

We’re also working on a very special documentary about the case which will shed new light on the mystery and which will come at it from a hitherto untapped angle.

So be sure to pop by regularly during this the 125th anniversary of the Whitechapel Murders and see the great range of facts and features we’ll be hosting from 8th August onwards.