It’s Cold Outside

Well, here we are, another year almost over, and just a few short weeks away from Christmas. The crisp December nights are closing in (or, to be more precise, have well and truly closed in) and the atmosphere on the streets of the East End is truly thrilling.

As I mentioned in a previous article there’s no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing. If you wrap up against the cold night air, you’re in for a real treat on our Jack the Ripper Walking tour through the streets of the East End.

For a start, the sinister streets we venture into from the off will really have you convinced your back in 1888, the year of the ripper murders. They really have changed so little since the days when the unknown monster lurked in their dark recesses waiting to pounce on his unsuspecting victims.

Secondly, our collection of Victorian photographs really do give you the feel for what the streets of the East End of London were like back in Jack’s day.

On our Jack the Ripper Walk the photographs are passed around the group, so you can really study them and compare what the street, or dark alleyway, you are standing in looks like now with what it looked like back then. You are in complete control of how long you hold on to and study the photographs.

The route we take on our tour is also a major factor in how enjoyable, realistic and authentic our walk is. We cover the events of 1888 in a largely chronological order so you get to see the saga of the Jack the Ripper murders as it unfolded.

That’s why we decided to break with tradition in 1990 and moved our start point away from Tower Hill and became the original Aldgate East Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.

We really felt our clients deserved to be given the authentic experience by visiting as many of the Jack the Ripper murder sites as is possible in two hours, and judging by the reactions we get when our tour participants step under that first dark arch, to enter the truly sinister Gunthorpe Street, our decision to move was 100% the right one!

However, we’ve never been known to sit back on our laurels. We’re always looking at ways to enhance the Jack the Ripper Tour experience for our clients and, over the last few months, we’ve been experimenting with and planning some major changes to our tour.

We’ve got some great new inclusions that we’ll be rolling out over the dark winter months that lie ahead, so keep tuning in to our website to learn what these major new innovations will be. We know you’re going to like them!