Jack The Ripper Film Bloopers

Over the years we’ve made our fair share of bloopers when filming for our various Jack the Ripper documentaries. Not surprising really when you consider the fact that much of the footage that appears on our various programmes is filmed on the streets of the East End of London.

As anyone who has ever been involved with filming in a public place will know you are leaving yourself well and truly at the mercy of circumstance. There are some people who see a camera and can’t resist the urge to somehow get themselves into the shot. Others like to make their contribution to the sound track and, when editing our films into manageable chunks, we’re often amazed by the shouts of “he’s lying” or other contributions from passers by!

However, some of the bloopers are 100% of our own making. There you are, for example, getting ready to launch into a segment on the Jack the Ripper murders when, horror of horrors, your mind goes blank. Other times a member of the public might accidentally walk into shot and their subsequent efforts to extradite themselves from a potentially embarrassing situation can prove quite hilarious. Then there are the occasions when the presenter, quite simply corpses (i.e. gets a fit of the giggles) for no apparent reason, leaving a baffled film crew to shout “cut” and forcing them to set the shot up again.

Anyway, since it’s a bank holiday we thought we’d post a video of some of the out takes from our various Jack the Ripper videos just to show that things don’t always run smoothly when you’re out and about with a camera in the East End of London. Hope you enjoy!