New Dickens London Tours

If you’re interested in Victorian London, and many of those who take our walk are extremely interested in it, then you’re going to love the new walks we’ve just launched.

Our Charles Dickens London Walking Tours launch next Wednesday and they’re going to show you parts of London you would never dream still existed.

Dickens was the most famous Englishman of his age and he was also the undisputed chronicler of Victorian London. His novels have given us such wonderful and immortal characters as Oliver Twist, the Artful Dodger, Pip, David Copperfield and Sam Weller, to name but a few.

Better still, it is still possible to use his novels and follow in the footsteps of his characters around parts of London that have hardly changed since he knew them and wrote about them. But, let’s be honest, lugging armfuls of Dickens books around with you is going to be, to say the least, awkward.

But with the new Dickens walks you won’t have to. In the company of Richard Jones, author of Walking Dickensian London, you can explore the streets, courtyards and buildings that featured in both the life and the works of Charles Dickens.

Wednesdays tour is A Journey Through Dickens London and it explores a truly enchanting quarter of London that Dickens would still recognise were he return today.

The Sunday morning tour, which starts in October, is The London of Dickens and Shakespeare and it traces Dickens traumatic early years when his father was imprisoned for debt and Charles’s childhood came to an abrupt end. It also explore the places that William Shakespeare knew.

You don’t need any knowledge of Dickens works to enjoy these tours as Richard will treat you to flawless quotations that really will bring Dickens’s London to vivid life and he will provide you with lots of information about the life and times of England’s greatest novelist.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed amble that follows in the footsteps of Charles Dickens be sure to book onto one of Richard’s great new walks of Dickens London.