November 2018 Quiz

Well, the year is passing by with great speed. Before we know it, the New Year will be upon us. However, that still means we have two more Jack the Ripper Quizzes to go, so here is our penultimate 2108 Jack the Ripper Quiz.

If you are a seasoned quiz-doer, then you’ll already be familiar with the format.

So, in that case, just enter your name, or any name of your choosing, hit “Start” and away you go.

Remember, if the “Start” button won’t work for you (this can be a problem with some iPhones and iPads) then just click the white link directly beneath the quiz and this should fix the problem.



If you are new to our quizzes, then a few explanatory words might come in useful.

Firstly, you will need to enter your name. It can be your actual name, r, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can enter any name you wish.

We only ask for your name so that we can award you a certificate, giving details of your score, once you have completed the quiz.

The Quiz certificate.
The certificate that you will receive on completing the quiz.


Once you have hit the “Start” button, you will be presented with ten questions on the history of the Jack the Ripper murders.

The answers are either multi-choice or true or false.

So, you will be able to select the correct answer from the list that you are provided with.

That’s why reading the question is so massively important. As with any exam, if you rush through it and don’t answer the question you were asked, then you will give the wrong answer.


Once you have answered all ten of the questions, hit the “Submit My Answers” button, and the backroom marking team in our esteemed Department of Ripperology will go to work and mark your answers.

Within seconds you will be presented with a certificate giving your score, plus a detailed report on which of your answers (if any) were wrong.


There is no time limit on answering the questions, you can spend as long or a little as you like.

Likewise, there is no limit on the number of times you can take the quiz.

So, if you don’t do well the first time, you can, should you so desire, try m try and try again!

And, in essence, that’s how the November 2018 Jack the Ripper Quiz works.


So, when you’re ready, scroll back up the page, to the quiz, enter your name, press start, and away you go.

We expect great things of you, so best of luck!