Public Reactions To The Jack The Ripper Murders

Today we continue our look at the infamous Whitechapel Murders with a look at how the public reacted to the Jack the Ripper crimes.

It could be argued that the public’s perception of the killings changed in the wake of the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes on 30th September 1888.

The police found themselves coming in for an awful lot of criticism for their inability to solve the crimes.

To many, the murders also now took on an element of street theatre and we have records of coach tours actually coming into the East End to Tour the sites. These are, perhaps, the earliest Jack the Ripper Tours!

Those who had properties that overlooked the murder sites were openly charging admission to go in and look down on the locations where the “‘orrible murders” had been carried out.

We also look at why it was that Jack the Ripper was able to get away with his crimes in a district where everyone, police and public alike, was on the look out for him.

Remember, the story isn’t over yet, so be sure to pop back here regularly as we have several more instalments before the full Jack the Ripper story has been told!