Smaller Groups Are Better

It’s 10 years since we introduced the booking system that made it possible for us to control the numbers on our Jack the Ripper Tour and everybody – clients, local residents and guides – agrees that we made the right decision.

We’ve never wanted to be one of the huge London walks that herd their clients around in an unsightly scrum that might number between 80 and 150 people, all of whom are expected to hand over their cash at the start of the tour and then enjoy the experience of being part of an experience that amounts to little more than a cattle drive.

What we like to offer is a far more intimate experience and, to achieve this, we limit the number of participants on our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour to around 34 people. This is the number that experience has taught us that our guides can handle and our cleints can enjoy.

We also offer guides that are internationally recognised as being up there amongst the World’s leading experts when it comes to the Whitechapel Murders and East End History.

John Bennett, Philip Hutchinson and Richard Jones have, between them, written numerous books on Jack the Ripper, whilst Lindsay Siviter is not only one of the best known researchers on the case, but also works at the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Museum, the Worldfamous Scotland Yard Museum dedicated to crime and crime solving in London.

It is, therefore, safe to say that, when it comes to expertise, we are are well and truly in a league of our own with regard the mystery of the Whitechapel Murders.

In addition you can watch the many documentaries we have made over the years on our unique Jack the Ripper TV page here on this very website and through it gain a terrific insight into the story, the mystery and the the area where the murders occurred.

So please do peruse our website and make use of all the information we have on the ripper mystery and then we’d love to welcome you on our Jack the Ripper Tour so that you can walk the very streets and see the very places that formed the backcloth against which the World’s most famous murder mystery was played out.