The August 2023 Quiz

Well, it’s August 2023 and it’s time for another of our challenging quizzes on the Jack the Ripper case and the Whitechapel murders.

If you are one of our regulars, and have been doing our monthly conundrums for several months or even years, then you will, no doubt, be more than familiar with how they work.

So, that being the case, just click on the quiz image below and off you go!


A jigsaw puzzle reading take our quiz.
Click On The Above Image To Take The August 2023 Jack The Ripper Quiz.


To begin the quiz, simply click on the image above and the quiz will start immediately.

You don’t have to enter any personal details – no name and no email address required – you just start the quiz when the first question appears before you.

Once you have started the quiz, you will be taken through a series of ten questions which you can then try to answer to the best of your ability.

Incidentally, if you need to find information on the subject, we have a full history resource on this website.


The questions require you to either make a choice from a list of multiple choice answers or else to decide whether a particular statement concerning the infamous crimes and their history is true or false.

Obviously, it is imperative that you actually take the time to read the questions as, just like in an exam, if you answer the wrong question – as in you haven’t fully read and understood the question – well, you’ll, quite simply, give the wrong answer, and that might prove disastroys ro your overall score!

So be sure to take your time.


Once you have answered all ten questions, simply hit the “submit” button, and out dedicated team in the Department of Ripperology will go to work and mark your entry.

It will take a matter of seconds, after which you will instantly receive the score that you have managed to achieve.

Don’t worry, we do not share your  score with anybody – although you might like to share it on our Facebook page to demonstrate your superior knowledge of the subject.


There are, by the way, no limits on either the time you take to complete the quiz or on the number of times you can attempt the quiz.

So, if you don’t do particularly well the first time – or the second or third times – then please feel free to try, try and try again!


And that is really all there is to it.

So, when you feel ready, scroll back up to the image, click on it, and away you go.

Best of luck!