The David Cameron Jack the Ripper Quiz

Much has been made of David Cameron’s recent grilling on the David Letterman show when he found himself unable to answer several questions about English History, much to his embarrassment. In all fairness to the Prime Minister, I should think that many people would find themselves in the same position when suddenly confronted by an unexpected question in front of a live audience.

So today let’s see how you fare when asked a series of questions on the Jack the Ripper murders and on wider aspects of Victorian history.

Are you ready? Here goes.

1. The Jack the Ripper Murders took place in which year.


       B) 1898

       C) 1878

       D) None of the above.

2. Who was the Metropolitan Police Commissioner when the murders began.

       A) James Monro

       B) Benjamin Disraeli

       C) Sir Charles Warren

3. What was the name of the first Whitechapel Murders victim.

       A) Mary Nichols

       B) Emma Smith

       C) Martha Tabram

4. In what year did Queen Victoria ascend the throne?

       A) 1812

       B)  1837

       C) 1858 

       D)  None of the above

5. Which member of the Royal Family was suspected of being Jack the Ripper?

       A) The Prince of Wales.

       B) The Duke of Clarence

       C) Prince Albert, the Prince Consort 

6) Who received the famous “From Hell” letter.

       A) Queen Victoria

       B) Florence Nightingale

       C) George Lusk

7.  What was the surname of the detective in charge of the on the ground investigation into the killings?

       A) Abberline

       B)  Reid

       C) Anderson

8. In what year did Charles Dickens die?

       A) 1888

       B) 1867

       C) 1870

9.  How did the letter signed Jack the Ripper begin?

       A) Dear Sir

       B) Hi

       C) Dear Boss

        D) Hi y’all

10. How many victims is Jack the Ripper, generally, believed to have had?

       A) 3

       B) 11

       C) 5

You can find the answers to some these questions in the Jack the Ripper History section of our website or you can have a go at answering and see how well you do. 

We’ll publish the answer on our blog on 11TH October, so be sure to check back and see how you did.