The June 2021 Jack The Ripper Quiz

The year is six months old – can you believe it!

But. through thick and thin, rain or shine, the one constant has been our Jack the Ripper quizzes. Month after month we put out these challenges to entertain and educate, as well as to test you knowledge on the Whitechapel murders and the history of Victorian Whitechapel.

So, here is the


To participate in the quiz, you just need to clock the image below and the questions will appear before you, as if by magic.


Take the June 2021 Jack the Ripper Quiz.


The quiz is made up of ten questions that pertain to the murders that took place in the East End of London between 1888 and 1891. Each question requires either a multi choice answer or a true or false answers.

In other words, the correct answer will be there on the list before you, it is up to you to make the decision as to which of the answers is the correct one.

It is as simple as that!


We are not one of those quiz compilers that likes to impose pressure and challenge on contestants. In fact, other than having to answer the ten questions there are no limits on the time you can take to complete the quiz, nor are there any limits on the number of times you can take the quiz.

One important thing, and we do have to stress this month after month, is that you really do need to read the questions, as opposed to just scanning them quickly and then answering.

Just like in an actual exam, your knowledge might well be let down if you misread what you are being asked and then proceed to answer the wrong question!

Incidentally, if you do need a little help, you might wish to make use of our Jack the Ripper history resource, which is packed with information about the case and about the history of Whitechapel and Spitalfields.


Once you have completed the quiz – and have answered the ten questions – you can click on the view the score button and, instantly, the score you have attained will appear before you.

You score is known only to you, so it is completely up to you if you wish to let others know how you did.

But, there is a great deal of fun to be had from making the quiz a collective challenge by pitting your wits and knowledge against your family, friends or colleagues, and then seeing which of your is the Jack the Ripper brain of June 2021!


Of course, we’d love to know how you did. So, please feel free to share your score on our Facebook Page.

Aside from that we just ask that you enjoy the quiz.

So, when you are ready, off you jolly well go.

Good luck!