The March 2019 Quiz

Are you ready for another Jack the Ripper Quiz?

Well, we are three months into 2019, and our March challenge is no online and ready for you to see how many of the ten questions you can answer correctly.

If you are an experienced quiz taker, well you probably don’t need any guidance on how to participate, so simply enter your name in the boxes below, or a name of your choosing, hit the red “Start” button – and away you go.


To begin the quiz, you just have to enter your name – and it doesn’t have to be your own name it can, in fact, be any name of your choosing, into the box above.

We only use your name to award you your certificate upon completion of the quiz, and you are the only person who will see that certificate, unless, of course, you choose to share it, in which case we’s love to see your results on our Facebook page.

One that has been done, hit the “Start” button and the quiz will begin.

If the Quiz won’t begin (we sometimes have an issue with iPhones and IPads)  just click on the white “The March 2019 Jack the Ripper Quiz” link directly beneath the box, and this should fix the issue.


The quiz is simplicity itself.

It consists of ten questions about the 1888 Jack the Ripper murders, and about the Whitechapel atrocities in general.

Each question requires you to choose the correct answer, either from a choice of four multi-choice answers, or a simple True or False answer.

It is absolutely imperative that you read the question properly, as the most common reason for getting a wrong answer is that people have in fact not answered the actual question they were set, largely because they read it too quickly!


Once you have finished the quiz, hit the “submit my answers” button and, hey presto, you will instantly receive your score, together with a certificate given the date you took the quiz and the score you achieved.


There are no time limits for the quiz, so you can take your time, without the added pressure of being up against the clock!

In addition, there are no restrictions on the number of times you can take the quiz.

So, if you do abysmally the first time, you are more than welcome to try again and again!

Good luck.