The March 2023 Jack The Ripper Quiz

Woohoo, it’s time for another Jack the Ripper Quiz.

Yes, indeed, the March 2023 challenge is ready to, well, err, challenge you.


So, if you know how our quizzes work then just click on the “Take The Quiz” image below, and off you jolly well go.

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If you need a little bit of further guidance, then simply scroll down the page to beneath the quiz and we’ll give you some pointers on the best way to do the quiz.


A phone and computer with a card reading Quiz by them.
Click on The image to Take the Quiz.


So, if you are new to our quizzes, here is a little bit of info as to how they are structured and the best way to assure yourself of quiz success..

Once you click on the image, the quiz will appear and will consist of ten questions about the history of the Jack the Ripper murders, with one or two of them pertaining to the history of Whitechapel and Victorian history.

Answering the questions is pretty straightforward – in fact, it’s very straightforward – since they simply require either multiple choice or true or false answers, so the actual answer will be there, you just have to ensure that you choose correctly!

One important thing that is an absolute must to remember, you really must read the questions as opposed to just quickly scanning over them. Doing this can lead to quiz failure, and you don’t want that now, do you?


Once you have completed the quiz, you will be able to see your result by clicking on the relevant button.

Again, we would love to know how you did, so please feel free to share your results with us on our Facebook page.

If you don’t do so well the first time, all is not lost, because there are no limits on the number of times you can attempt the quiz.

There is also no time limit on how long you can take to mull over your answers before you submit your final attempt. Take as long s you wish, and think about your answers.


And, that’s all there is to it. Our quizzes are designed to be simplicity itself.

We don’t ask for a name, we don’t ask for an email address, we are not out to sell you anything, nor will we harvest your details for marketing purposes.

We just want you to enjoy our offerings and to challenge you a little as you put your knowledge of the Jack the Ripper case to the test.

So, when you are ready, scroll back up the page, click on the image, and away you go.

Wishing you the very best of luck!