The October 2016 Quiz

The nights are getting darker, the shadows are swirling, the tension is mounting, the marrow is chilling – and I’ve just run out of things to pad out this sentence!

So, with words failing me – I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my October quiz on the Whitechapel murders and the Jack the Ripper mystery.

If you are an old hand at our quizzes, and don’t need to know how they work, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your name, or a name, into the relevant box, hit the ‘Start’ button and be taken straight to the October quiz.

If not, read on.


And, what a fiendish collection of mysteries are about to be laid out before you. Ten questions concerning the most infamous sequence of murders to ever grace the pages of crime journals the World over.

But, don’t be put off – these questions have a combination of true or false or multiple choice answers – so, in all honesty, you have a reasonable chance of getting the correct solution to each conundrum. You just need to give each one a little thought.


To get started with the October quiz, simply enter your name into the box below, hit the start button and away you go. It’s as simple as that.


In all honesty, the only reason we ask you to enter your name is because, once you have completed the quiz, you are instantly awarded a certificate – given, incidentally, by our esteemed Department of Ripperology – which will acknowledge the fact that you have managed to finish the quiz and will even have on it the score you have managed to achieve.

If you would rather not give your actual name, you can enter any name of your choosing and the only person who will see it is you – or people you choose to share your certificate with – so you can, if the mood takes you enter any name you wish.


In the event that the quiz won’t start once you’ve entered your name and clicked on the relevant button, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the white link to the October quiz and you’ll be taken to a back-up version that should work without any problems.


We’ve been operating the monthly quizzes now for over a year and the standard of answers has proved extremely high.

Indeed, the majority of the wrong answers that there have been have come about as a result of people not reading the question carefully and, as a result, answering the wrong question, as opposed to answering the question incorrectly. It’s the basic rule of any quiz, test, or exam – be sure to read the question.

Anyway, that’s the preamble over with, it’s time now to give it your best shot.

So, when you feel ready and fired up, enter your name  – or a name of your choosing – into the box below and hit the Start button and see how well you do on the October Jack the Ripper quiz.