The Police and Jack the Ripper

Today we continue our Jack the Ripper documentary with a look at the police officers whose job it was to try and track down the killer in one of Victorian London’s most densely populated and crime infested quarters.

Our previous instalments provided an introduction to London in 1888 and looked at the social and political landscape against which the Jack the Ripper saga was played out. If you missed it, you can catch up with the introduction to the case by following this link.

We then moved on to take a stroll along Buck’s Row, where the murder of Mary Nichols took place on August 31st 1888. You can watch this instalment here.

Today, we look at the other murders that had taken place in the area, prior to that of Mary Nichols and introduce you to the detectives who had begun investigating the crimes which, at the time, were known simply as the Whitechapel Murders.

Our next instalment will be posted on 6th September 1888, when we will look at the people of the East End who were living through the Whitechapel Murders scare, and will present one of the earliest Jack the Ripper suspects.