The Quiz – December 2018

Well, the year has almost passed, and soon 2018 will be consigned to the pages of history. And, what a year it has been!

But, there is still time for one more quiz.

So, without further ado, here is the last Jack the Ripper Quiz of 2018.


If you are a regular contestant in our online quizzes, well you probably won’t need any advice on how the quiz works. If that is the case, then simply add your name (or any name of your choosing) into the boxes below, hit the “Start” button, and away you go.

If, on the other hand, you need a little info on how the questions are structured, then just keep scrolling down the page.

Just a quick reminder that, if perchance the “Start” button doesn’t work, then simply click on the white link directly beneath the quiz, and this should solve the problem.



To begin the quiz, you simply need to enter your name into the relevant boxes.

It can be your actual name or it can be any name of your choosing.

We only ask for this in order to personalise the certificate you will be awarded, which will give details of your score and the date on which you took the challenge.

That is the only information you need to enter.

It is up to you whether or not you share your certificate with other, we, most certainly, will not make your score public, and that’s a cast-iron promise.

A Jack the Ripper quiz certificate with the name of Sir Charles Warren on it.
Sir Charles Warren Didn’t Do Too Well!


The quiz consists of 10 questions on the Jack the Ripper crimes and on the wider history of the Whitechapel murders.

Each question requires either a multi-choice answer or a true or false answer.

In other words, the correct answer will be there amongst the solutions you are presented with. Your task is to simply choose which of them is correct.


Once you have answered all ten questions, simply hit the “Submit my answers” button and our backroom team will go to work on marking your answers, and, within seconds, you will be presented with your certificate from our “Department of Ripperology” detailing the score you achieved and the date on which you took the challenge.

You will also be presented with your list of answers which will show which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.


There is no time limit on completing the quiz. You can spend as little or as long on it as you desire.

Also, we don’t place any limit on the number of times you can take the quiz, so, if you don’t to as well as you wish the first time, you can keep trying until you get a score that you are satisfied with!


So, that is how the quiz works. It is pretty straightforward and extremely intuitive.

Remember, the most important thing, however, is that you read the questions as the most common reason that people answer incorrectly is that they have, quite simply, answered the wrong question.

So, when you are ready, enter your name, or a name of your choosing, into the box, hit “Start” and away you go.

Good luck.