The Quiz For November 2016

By November the 13th 1888 – although the people of London didn’t know it at the time – the actual murders of Jack the Riper had ended, although the Whitechapel murders themselves would continue for several more years, ending in 1891 with the killing of Frances Coles.

But, as we often say on our nightly walking tour through Spitalfields and Whitechapel, although the Jack the Ripper crimes may have ended with the  murder of Mary Kelly – which took place in Miller’s Court on the 9th November 1888 his legend was only just beginning.


If, you are eager to get started on the quiz, and don’t want to read the explanatory preamble, simply scroll down the page to the quiz box, enter your name and click start.

Otherwise, here’s a bit of information on how the quiz is structured.

The case itself is, probably, one of the most studied homicide sprees in the annals of criminal history; but, how much do you think you know about the case?

Well, each month, we set a quiz in which participants must answer ten questions on the crimes that held London in a grip of terror throughout the autumn of 1888.

And, below, you will find the November quiz, which is made up of a series of conundrums that have either multiple choice or true or false answers.

The simple question is, how many of them can you answer correctly?


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That is the only reason we require your name, so if you would prefer to give a different name – Jack the Ripper had proved a popular choice with past participants – that is absolutely, 100% okay.

The certificates are not made public, so the only people who will see it are you and any of your friends and/or colleagues that you choose to share the certificate with.


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Anyway, the clock is ticking, the minutes are racing by and you are, no doubt, eager to get started on the November 2016 Jack the Ripper quiz.

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Good luck.