The Quiz Winner

Well, the great Jack the Ripper quiz has come and gone and we’ve gone through the entries and have settled upon the winner.

Before we announce the winner here are the answers to the questions.

1. Who wrote “The Bitter Cry of Outcast London”?

The Reverend Andrew Mearns

2.  Who returned to England from India in 1887? 

Sir Melville Leslie Macnaghten

3. What part did Laura Richards play in the Jack the Ripper investigation? 

She was/is the head of analysis at Scotland Yard violent crime unit and came up with a profile/image of the killer through witness statements of the time

4.  Where did James Brown live?

Fairclough Street

5. What did Maria Coroner do that was “very foolish”? 

She wrote letters tending to cause a breach of the peace which were signed Jack the Ripper.

6. What was John Law’s real name?

Margaret Harkness

7.  What part did John Gardner play in the Whitechapel Murders? 

He claimed to have seen Elizabeth Stride with a man outside the Bricklayers Arms on the night of her death

8. What did Walter Andrews find?

The body of Alice Mckenzie

9. Which of our guides appeared in a film with Simon Pegg?

Alan Drake.  He’s also been nominated for a BAFTA for the role too!!!!

10. Who did Charlotte Higgins work for?

The Rev Samuel Harvey

11. What was Joseph Loane?

Medical officer for the white chapel District

12. Which Jack the Ripper suspect had a slight bruise on his left knee?

Thomas Cutbush

We has 198 entries for the quiz and of those 110 got all the answers correct, so well done to all of you.

We had to do a draw to choose the winner and so we just put all the names into a top hat and drew out the name of one entrant.

So the winner of the quiz was

Phillippa Philips.

If you’d care to email us at [email protected]  we’ll send you the e-ticket voucher for four people to take four of our tours over the next 12 months.

If you were unlucky this time, don’t worry, we’ll be running another competition very shortly.

A big thank you to all those who took part and stay tuned for a big announcement over the next two weeks.